Canonico Antonio Institute (CAI) is a committed Catholic Christian Community endowed with filial love in the service of and in solidarity with the Church and Society.


CAI strives to develop individuals who are:

Ø LOVING, in the spirit of Jesus’ love for the Father.

Ø COMMITTED in all their endeavors.

Ø SERVICE-ORIENTED in sharing their God-given talents to others.

Ø SPIRITUALLY AWARE with a deep sense of religious values.

Ø ADVOCATES of the concerns of the “Church of the Poor”.

Ø ENVIRONMENTALLY SENSITIVE in dealing with Mother Earth.


ü to assist faculty and staff in educating the students holistically and skillfully by promoting moral conscience, maturity in faith, and skills training;

ü to provide quality education and a Catholic Christian values to develop an ingenious individual and a good Filipino citizen;

ü to create and maintain atmosphere conducive for spiritual growth for teachers and students;

ü to foster harmonious family relationship by inculcating discipline and sense of responsibility in all aspects of their lives.


* Solidarity

CAI encourages each member to be in solidarity with the “Church of the Poor” and this is exemplified by his/her active participation and involvement in the Local Church and expressed through the extension program of the Institute.

* Filial Love

Members in the community are encouraged to express their love for one another in the spirit of Christ’s abandonment to the will of the Father in total obedience.

* Service

Members of the community are expected to be service-oriented and this is expressed by giving and sharing of their God-given talents in a generous way.

* Commitment

This is expressed in the principle that “every member becomes like a hardworking bee for the Church and Society” as he/she commits himself/herself wholeheartedly in all his/her endeavors.


Canonico Antonio Institute (CAI) is owned and administered by the Disciples of St. Therese of the Infant Jesus (DST), a religious congregation which was founded in Naples, Italy in 1932 by Canonico Antonio Migliaccio.

The Congregation adheres to the ideal of promoting the glory of God and devoting themselves to the practice of charity and living simple life style and filial abandon to the merciful love of God, along the path traced by St. Therese of the Child Jesus. The Congregation established its presence in the Philippines in 1989. The first base which is situated in BF Homes, Parañaque City, has become the center of formation since then.

In 1992, Ms. Jovita Onez, a devout Catholic Christian with a benevolent heart from General Santos City donated one (1) hectare of land to the Congregation. The Mother General with the consent of the Council decided to establish a convent and school on the said place.

The construction of the new convent started in 1999 and after a couple of months, the making of the proposed school was set into operation. Both buildings were finally established in 2001 with all its furnishings and were officially blessed and opened on January 03, 2001. By the following months, the Sisters were accepting enrollees for pre-school and primary education. The school had officially set into operation on the opening of the academic year of the same year.

The school is situated in Sitio Nopol, Baranggay Conel, General Santos City. The city is recognized as one of the fastest growing cities in the Philippines. The influx of migrants and increase in population of residents necessitated the opening for additional learning institutions. In the northern part of the city where CAI is situated, the place is being developed into residential areas. For the past ten years CAI community has witnessed the proliferation of several housing projects for middle level income class citizens and several other housing projects in the neighboring areas. Toward its end, CAI will be the hardworking bees to provide a honey of nutrition for the educational system of the country, aiming its best.

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